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L'artiste livrant le packet à S. Bartholomew (2015)

Photos et vidéo : Chris Giles

Extrait de la publication hello, parka v.2 du Resolute Parka Project organisé par sophia bartholomew. Texte par Mike Landry :

'' During the Beaverbrook Art Gallery renovations in the winter of 2016, a ghost of Michael Fernandes' 1999 site-specific wall-work "I am afraid ..." was discovered. Fernandes’ writing, comprised of the anonymous fears he collected from Frederictonians, had been transferred, reversed, onto the back of a wall covering. Our Fears, hidden, perhaps forgotten, always haunt us. And what is fear but the manifestation of what we don't understand, can't anticipate. Yet life is uncertain. How are we not disabled by existential crisis? Because from the unknown we pull the uncanny. We make connections. Build truths.

Play a toddler's game and ask yourself Why? about any "fact," and your nesting dolls of understanding dwindle down and disappear. The perforating gaps are what shape the web of what-we-know. An artifact or document exists in the same manner -- it blooms from absences of information. These are Rémi Belliveau's objects: hermetic things, transformed by myth into hermeneutic delights. He's making in the now for sometime later. The parka, his encounters with sophia, these led to the work, but they aren't the work. The work is everything we don't know that went into it, our myths we use to compensate for these gaps, its mythology, a compendium of fears in backwards text hidden years left to discover and decipher. ''

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